October 2014 & probably the first oil and filter change in about 30 years!

25 mm of thick sludge in the bottom of the sump

25 mm of thick sludge in the bottom of the sump

Visual inspection of bottom end

Nothing too alarming…


Some pitting on cam shaft, but no other sign of wear.DSC01541

The Gauze type oil filter was almost completely blocked..

DSC01543Replacement filter obtained from Meteor Spares service Ltd.

Re fitted sump, ran engine with flushing oil, then drained and refilled with SAE 30 oil from Witham oil and paint.

Oh nearly forgot, went to Goodwood revival and picked up replacement SU carburettor kit so now the petrol doesn’t overflow from the float chamber.

Engine sounds sweet although there is a bit of smoke from the exhaust. perhaps a top overhaul at some point but that can wait.





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